Re: Dobro strings?

On Dec 28, 6:11 pm, Pt <pea...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have been playing my electric dobro lately and one thing i noticed
is that the strings are too light.
I use a nut extension to get the strings up and it does the job but no
ways near as high as a square neck dobro.
Plus I'm using open D tuning.
I would like to put heavier strings on it but I don't know how much it
will increase the tension on the neck.
Any advice?


Do you mean an electrified roundneck Dobro? The main problem is likely
to be the added leverage caused by the nut raiser, not the tension per
se. Given the the nut raiser is not too high, I would (and do) use
13-56 for lap-style open D, if the neck has a truss rod.

Tony D