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String balls sometimes stick on the ends of the pins on acoustic guitar pin
bridges, and can detach themselves unexpectedly or pull the pin out under
string tension. This can easily be fixed by filing an angle on the end of
the pin groove, so that the ball tends to slide out of the groove. If you
don't have workshop tools, a nail file will do at least for plastic, bone
and wood pins.

Tony D

Hello Tony, good hint. I've had the problem of a ball end stuck on the
end of the pin and your solution definately works well.

Change of topic, my local music shop is going over to lessons only so
they won't be selling guitars anymore. The good news is that they have
been selling off stock at great prices. I've just picked up a
Tanglewood TW15 DLX O. It's the best acoustic I've ever owned. Sitka
spruce top, mahogany neck, maple binding, abalone fret markers and
sound hole decor, bone nut, rosewood fingerboard , ovangkol back and
sides. Sound fantastic and just feels so right. Here's the best bit,
it was reduced from £540 to £355. I didn't go out looking for a guitar
but if I had searched a dozen stores I don't think I would of found a
box that suited me better. Can't stop smiling :-)



My local store stocks Tanglewoods, and I have thought since they were introduced that they offer good very good value for money. - Good tone, cosmetics and neck angles, plus a wide range of models, not just small cosmetic differences. Their Gibson J-45 knockoff actually has that authentic low-mid thump.

Tony D