Re: Slide and lap steel.

On Sep 7, 3:27 pm, "Tony Done" <tonyd...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A few of us in this group play lap steel, and I'm wondering why we bother..
If it is 6-string, what advantage is there over Spanish-position slide on a
conventional guitar? Two things you can do more easily in the lap position
are hammers and pulls, and slants, but you can't fret behind the slide. I
have four lap steels, three of which were bought for their unusual pickups
and a great chunk of mojo, and an 8-string that was given me. I've also made
and sold three others. I also play electric lap steel on a conventional
guitar, it hammers the frets a bit, but I have learned to minimise that, and
in any event I only use the specific advantages to a small extent. Do any of
you play lap steel because of their specific advantages or, like me, because
it seemed like a good idea at the time?

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Tony D

I don't play lap steel much but I have one. I think it has to do with
the tone I get, at least for me.

Tom from Texas