Re: It's all in the timing

Tinker wrote:
On Jul 16, 1:58 pm, Rufus<n...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

All that 12 bar crap is boring as hell to me. Whoever decided to codify
the "blues" and lay it by rote like that obviously had no feeling for
the feeling that brought it into existence in the first place.

John Hurt, Libby Cotten, Willie McTell, Skip James...old folkies like
Woodie Guthrie and all those old Appalachian players - more heart comes
through in that stuff than any "count-mongering" metronome cripple could
ever hope to muster.

Rufus, I find it curious that you would juxtapose John Hurt and
Elizabeth Cotten. John Hurt did not keep proper time, and Elizabeth
Cotten did. Furthermore, considering that keeping proper time is the
first requirement for being a musician, I also find it curious that
you would suggest that doing so might somehow turn a person into a
musical cripple.

Please refresh my memory. You prefer sounds rather than music. Is
that correct?


Yes - that is correct...sounds over music. The only reason I compare Hurt to Cotten is because they are both finger pickers and both self taught; and both play expressively.

I like the sound of both of as you point out, "proper timing" has very little to do with it for me and the two a pretty fair contrast of that happening...something I wasn't thinking of when I scrawled the above.

- Rufus