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On 8/05/2011 12:25 PM, Lumpy wrote:
Stephen wrote:
This is not down! You can't go down and stay where you are.

You can in music.

None of this changes the fact that 8-6=2, not 3.

I figured you'd want to re-interpret the history
of music theory. I didn't figure incorrectly.

So explain this:

> Or, should we say 3 half-steps, or, frets?

Three "scale degrees". ie 6-7-8 or 8-7-6.

You were the one who said not 3-half steps up or down but three scale degrees.

If you move 3 semitones, the interval is a minor third. If you want to talk about moving up a scale degree, from A to B, the interval is a second. But though it's a second, you're moving from one scale degree to the one immediately above.

No way moving 3 half-steps = moving three scale degrees. Can't be right.

If you don't like moving up or down two scale degrees, just say up or down 3 semitones or a minor third.

Hope it's still clear to everyone. Sorry to labour it. Lumpy is right about interval names and he saying we don't talk about moving up or down by a number of scale degrees but only by intervals. Fine with me.

Again. To find the relative minor of C major, count down three semitones. It's A minor. Even Lumpy can't argue with that.

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