Re: Gear?

On Dec 8, 8:23 pm, Tony Done <tonyd...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Beginners usually treat musical gear as "near enough is good enough".
Those in the middle ranks get progressively more interested in their
gear - sound, set up, looks etc. How many reach that state of nirvana
where the gear doesn't matter, where the gear drops below the horizon,
and just playing the music becomes the whole deal? Just one lot of
gear, you just go to it and play.

I haven't explained it very well, but hopefully you get the idea.

Tony D

The main band I used to play with had a singer / guitarist. Rick was a
really solid rhythm player. Played a 70's Strat through a Vox AC30 Top
Boost. I only once saw him use a pedal at a rehearsal, never saw it
again. In the time I went through three amps and two guitars plus a
few pedals his gear never changed. He always sounded fine. All he was
interested in was playing and singing the song well. I've never met
another rock guitar player like that.

Most classical guitar players I know, just buy a guitar and then get
on with learning to play it. I suppose there are less gadgets out
there to tempt them.

Over the years I've convinced myself I needed different kit to get
that sound. While there may be a small amount of truth in this, I'm
sure most of us take this idea too far. The number of times I stuble
across a you tube vid of some guy playing red hot jazz fusion on a
basic tele or Via style rock on a standard strat plus a DS-1.

I can't really be bothered with pedals, may one or two at most. Don't
care if there are a few knocks in a guitars paint finish. I've gone
back to a tele style guitar 'cause it's simple and I like how it feels
however, I still think the neck pickup could sound a little clearer so
I haven't really changed ;-)