Re: Interest sustainer or distraction?

On Nov 28, 3:36 pm, "Tony Done" <tonyd...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is a beginner's (in the broad sense, not just newbie) topic.

I never lose interest in guitars, but the object of my interest varies quite
quickly over time. Acoustic slide, electric slide, pickup swapping,
fingerpicking etc. Recently it was Deep River Blues, which coincided with me
putting the tricone back in standard tuning, that got me back into working
on my fingerpicking again. FWIW, I think I've improved over the past
10years, Deep River is coming along better than it did last time I tried it,
but having good teaching aids like a sounding editing program could have a
lot to do with that.

So, the question up for discussion is to what extent does variety lead to

To whatever extent you persist until you have success with the
latest. Regards, daveA