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Jim T expounded in

All of these were factors in his favour.


One of the huge factors would be his father was a music

IQ is going to play a difference in pitch ability

Pitch ability? I don't think this is IQ related at all.

What you need to "do pitch":

1) A functioning ear
2) Functioning neural link between ear and brain
3) A brain that can understand the pre-processed
signals from ear.

Pitch is no different than discerning:

- brightness
- colour
- temperature
- taste

IOW, it's just a sense. The ear also discerns loudness, but
let's just stay with pitch.

With very little training, anyone that is not tone deaf can
learn the difference between a major and minor third, for
example (maybe you do this already). Tricks help with this
(song beginnings).

The tone deaf:

This is something I don't understand well, but could it be
that the connection between the ear and brain did not develop
properly and cannot discern pitch (or scrambles it). Or maybe,
the pitch is _discerned_ but they cannot reproduce it vocally.

I am colour blind. There are certain shades of green and brown
I have trouble telling apart. But I can otherwise discern any
other colour. Bomb disposal was not a career option with a
future (cut the brown wire or the green one?) So you need
functioning senses.

Pitch and loudness are very basic hearing senses. To discern
what you hear only requires a bit of training.

So I don't buy the IQ argument. The IQ came into it for
composing and working out arrangements etc.


I'd need more convincing. Some case studies. I'd give you dollars-to-donuts this has been kicked around a few times.

I still agree with Lumpy, and it's really the only stance he can take as an educator. It's all about repetition when it comes to learning.

My contention is the signal coming from the ear is consistent in > 99.9% of the gen pop. Exactly how loud the signal is, is another matter; and what the signal does to the brain, I think that's where the major discrepancies are. I think we all agree it takes longer/shorter for others to learn.

My misstatement was; "I don't want rich's ear." I want his drive and ability to process data.

See, now we're nitpicking.