Re: Transposing

Nil wrote:
I can't think of many composers who would would not permit
rearrangements of their music. Supposedly Richard Rodgers kept tight
reign over his music and didn't always approve the use of it. He
didn't like rock and roll versions, for example. But most modern
composers seem happy to let others do with it what they well.

Composers don't have the right/option do approve or not approve
anyone using their work, so long as the mechanical license
fees are paid. ie, if I want to cover your composition, but
you don't want me to do it because you don't like guys with
moustaches singing jazz/hip hop/bluegrass versions of your
disco tune, as long as I pay the 9c per copy, you can't
deny me the legal right to use it.

Maybe Richard Rodgers didn't "approve" of his songs
being done in RnR, but he couldn't have refused the
right for someone to do it, as long as they paid
for it.

The rights owner also has to accept the minimum
mechanical fee. He could accept LOWER, but he can't
bargain for higher. ie to buy a song written by Pt
costs the same as a song written by Sir Paul or
by George Gershwin or by Sting.