Re: Transposing

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I thought I'd start a new thread on this one.
Transposing is a very important part of learning a polyphonic
instrument such as guitar or keyboard.
A simple song is played with chords D, G and A but the singer wants
the song transposed to A which will be A, D and E.
It is no problem just playing the different chords or is it?
Even though you changed the key of the song by playing A, D and E it
doesn't sound right.
If you are using open chords you are using the wrong inversions on one
or all of the chords.
You have to figure out the correct inversions to play the song
The more complex the song the more difficult it is to transpose.
When you transpose a song be sure to use the correct inversions.


Keyboard and guitar are way different animals. Keys - sure just move
up or down, guitar may require for instance some open chords - say an
Em - with a low E. how you gonna make it sound right with a Dm ? Sure
you can play it but it will loose alot (like an octave). e