Re: radio

I very seldom listen to radio, as like you, am totally sick of classic
rock, and don't care for hip hop.

I listen to cds in the car, itunes at work, ipod at home. I get most
of my cds used on amazon. I have about 30 gig of music on my laptop.

I am currently listening to Garaj Mahal, a funk, jazz, middle east
influenced fusion band.

I listen to everything from jazz, blue grass, country, funk, fusion,
prog rock, singer song writer stuff, acoustic instrument, classical,
and occassionally Gregorian Chants.

However, I don't listen to much of what is on the radio. I get turned
on to new bands by a handful of students who bring stuff in to learn.
I do like some of the newer bands out there.

Paramore, Evanescence, Muse, Vedera, and others are interesting to me,
but I haven't heard anyone new on the top 40 scene in a long time,
who's stuff I wanted to buy.