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If a beginner thinks he suck (or knows it)  - and he still wants to
it till he doesn't suck - thats a good thing. ( I disappeared to my
room for 3 years, problem resolved )- e

But you "believed you _could_ do it". You believed
you could achieve your goal. It has nothing to do with
where you are (except perhaps that you are enjoying
the journey).

This is in total contrast to the belief "I'll _never_
do ..." or the veiled version of that, which is
couched in language like "I never want to be that good..".


I didn't know if I could or not - maybe I was destined to be a Bass
But I sure as hell wasn't going to give up till I gave it a damn good
try. - e

That took some belief to feel it was worth
the try!

The confidence was there.

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The desire was there the confidence was somehwhat there. ( if Lumpy
could do it maybe I could) ... e