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Tony Done wrote:
One of the problems with and challenges of this age of the information
superhighway is that we can so easily compare oursleves with a whole
lot of other performers, and since we are an acquisitive society, we
want what they have got in terms of abilities and gear. I largely got
past problem when I had the insight that the journey is more important
that the destination. I'm still acquitive re gear, but it has very
little to do with what other performers are using

I recently sold some of the vintage Wah pedals I had
collected over the past 40+ years. I got all kinds of
emails from guys saying things like -

"Pick out the one that will make me sound like XYZ.
I bought a [brand X] wah that's advertised as being
the XYZ model, but that was advertising bull. It didn't
sound a bit like XYZ".

I'm pretty sure you can guess what I recommended.


I guess it was along the lines of sounding like themselves, and XYZ
sounds like XYZ because that is who he is. This prompted a couple of

1) There is great value in understanding why other players sound as
they do, if you are interested in that style. Like you, I don't
approve of wanting to copy someone else, but there are styles and
sounds I would like to understand. For example I would very much like
to know how Sonny Landreth gets his sounds on this:

Not because I want to copy him, but because I can see a use for that
type of sound in my repertoire. Also because I think it is a difficult
enough technique to represent a serious challenge to my developing
electric guitar skills.

2) Many players are superstitious and have this paganisitic belief
that if they have a guitar just like XYZ, they will be able to play
like XYZ. The whole sales strategy of the popular guitar industry
seems to be based on this perception.

Tony D