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On Mon, 26 Jul 2010 22:08:35 -0700, "Lumpy"

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Little Charlie wrote:
The difference betweewn them (true players) and you is they don't
demean your music  or abilities...

Only people I hear demeaning is JimT demeaning
himself and his low view of his abilities.

Some day, you may (or may not) understand how
that makes sense. If you don't, you'll spend all
that energy feeling sorry for yourself because
you're not what your image of a great guitarist is.

Meanwhile, those that believe in themselves will
be successful.

Maybe someday, Little Charlie.


Is THAT you best shot? Sad....

I DO agree that those that believe in themselves will be succesful.

The world is littered with people who "believe in themselves" yet
still suck at their chosen activity; basketball courts, talent shows,
corporate meetings, poetry readings, etc., etc. There's no shortage
of people at those places who have 100% faith in their abilities
despite what everybody else sees. There's also people who lack
confidence in themselves who turn out to be really good. The two
characteristics are barely correlative (but it makes good troll
material on Usenet).