Re: Practicing Pentawonkicks

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Somewhere along the line, Google Groups changed something that
messed up OE's ability to attribute properly. In any event, it's
fixable, in fact aren't YOU the one who suggested that I download
OE Quotefix when I complained about the problem long ago?

Anyway, for Tony's benefit, here's the link:

Now that you mention it, I rememeber when the issue first came about
and you're right, it has to do with a particular format setting in the
message headers that really screwed up Outlook Express. It doesn't
affect my reader.

Yeah, as far as I'm able to tell, the only ones who suffer directly from this plague are OE users (and those who respond to them, obviously!)

I might have suggested Quotefix to you. That seemed to be a good
solution at that time, and I have it installed myself on my XP
computer, although it's been years since I fired up OE.

When I got a new Win7 computer (with Windows Live Mail as the default newsreader), it didn't have the same problem as OE does. .