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Sorry about this one guys...
It's called Michael Myers,thought i'd toy around with the synths in
It's got guitar in it too...

I don't have a keyboard,so i've had to 'paint' the main theme in.....
Hope i don't get kicked for copyright stuff!
hehe :)

Here's the link:

Pretty cool (sounds good) - I'd back the drums down and boost the
lead. Thanks for postin it. Rock On.. e

Thanks for listening!!
I didn't have much time on it,just got inspired to write it after watching
Halloween 2...the new version.
It's definately not my best work,but my other half doesn't appreciate me
getting lost in my headphones for any length of time so it was a rush
job,especially the lead guitar at the end...just one take with no clue what
i was doing!
hehe :)

Appreciate your comments!
dave b

+1 what ed said about the balance. Not bad either way. I liked it, a bit of
Mike Oldfield on the guitar. :-)
Tim C.
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