Re: Vox Pathfinder 15r and spam.

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The recorder works well with the tube that rules that out.

That is not necessarily conclusive. It is largely about
signal levels used. When it comes to "line level"
there is a fairly wide range used in practice.

I've tried working with the input levels and all the different inputs,
but I still haven't tried my theory yet.

I find it interesting that they list Inputs 1-8 as accepting -10dBu (I
assume you are not using the guitar or mic inputs). Why that is
"innaresting" is that line levels are usually quoted as -10dBV (note "V")
or +4dBu (note "u"). Boss is quoting -10dBu, which seems incorrect in
terms of commonly used "standards".

These units are apples 'n oranges, but the following quotes a
comparison in signal volts:


dB Volts RMS
+4 dBu 1.228 V
-10 dBV 0.3162 V

Assuming your spec meant -10dBV, it is a fairly sensitive input (max
about 0.3162V RMS). Apart from impedance, this input is as sensitive
as the guitar input on your recording unit! Hmmmm...

I'll bet your amp's line level output is at the +4dBu level, since the
amp is made in the UK. In terms of voltages, that can be 4 times the
level that your Boss unit is expecting. That my friend, would explain
your clipping experience.

So back to "you'll likely need an attenuator between the two."


I replied but it ended up somewhere in cyber space so it may show up.

Anyway. Thanks and I'll look into it.

I'm going to go over my manuals and see if I can solve this problem w/of purchasing an attenuator but if you know of one in the <$100 range that would work in this situation let me know.

Funny thing is the Cube has a "Line out/Headphone" jack. Could I run my headphone jack straight into my recorder? Hummmm.