Re: What constitutes a good guitar player?

jimmy wrote:
...if someone says still "that sounded just like the
record!" then yeah, it's a compliment...

Unless it's some kind of tribute attempt, where you
really are trying to imitate or appear as the original
artist, I don't consider it a compliment. I would, instead,
consider it a sign of a lazy listener.

...I also think that keeping a song tight & true
to the original is by far more listenable than a
lazy attempt.

A "lazy attempt" is most certainly a bad thing.
That would be, again, trying to copy the orig.
Being lazy about anything is, as you might guess,
not something I'd ever recommend/admire/accept.

The quintessential example I always use is
Clapton's Layla. The guy covered himself.
He obviously didn't make an attempt, lazy or
otherwise, to "sound like the record" when he
did the unplugged version.

Hunt around a bit for variations on James Taylor
doing "Steamroller Blues" and you'll find dozens
of variations. Blues, heavy metal (really), reggae,
country, fast, slow etc.

Aretha did several arrangements of "Think". Carole
King didn't do Aretha's arrangement when she sang
her own "Natural Woman". Linda didn't do Chuck's
arrangement in "Back in the USA". Jethro Tull didn't
do Bach's arrangement of "Bouree".


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