Re: What key?

On Sun, 19 Jul 2009 18:24:10 -0700, Lumpy wrote:

Rufus wrote:
...G vise D. I'll hold with what
was said elsewhere - if you took 100
gigging musicians and asked them, they'd say D.

Oh it was you that said that.
I mistakenly attrib'd that to RichL earlier. Sorry to both.

There are a lot of tunes that are confusing to simply say "it's in the
key of X".

Yes. A key is two things, not one: tonality and mode. If the mode is
other than major or minor, the question of what key something is
/really/ in becomes meaningless. This is the unfortunate consequence of
abandoning the old usage of having three minor and three major modes.

Of course anything can be written in almost any key with the use of
accidentals, so what key something is written in is an entirely
different question from what key it is /really/ in.

Your examples are great. Regards, daveA

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