Re: Quasi-delurking: info on guitar-peripheral topics?

On 12 Jun 2009, Sean Murphy <taser8@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in

Also, I've noticed that when I see most live performances the
setup includes a mic'ed amp - why? What does that do for a band,
as opposed to just using the amp?

Smaller amps make for lower on-stage volume, saving the musician's
ears. If you rely only on very loud instrument amps, you will usually
just end up blasting your own ears out and obscuring the other
instruments. Miking the amps lets the sound man have the most control
for crafting a balanced mix of all instruments and vocals that will
sound good to the audience. There is usually a separate monitor mix for
the musicians (often several of them, tailored for the various players)
so they can hear themselves and each other.