Re: New songs by eldafyre. acoustic guitar and vocals.

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pls visit, listen and show support.

thanks for your time.


It might be my setup but you can barely hear anything - you need to
get a hotter signal. When you record try to get the signal just uner
the red overload. Both guitar microphone and Vocal mic. - get them
closer and hotter. 2c ed s.

Thank you.  But i do know this.  Im have just spent 2000 dollars on
new recording equipment.
It was my first recroding so i thinki did dam good.

hey if you want to here it really good.  use headphones.  Or listen
thru seperate computer speakers it works great then.

and make sure you turn up ALL volumes, thanks for your advice but i
have got it under control.  :)- Hide quoted text -

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Dude - I did listen with headphones.. and regaurdless of the
equipment - I was trying to help your "technique" for recording. The
signal is very very very very weak and does not complement you music
at all. If you want a comment on the music - it sounds empty ! and the
very very low signal adds to the problem. Thanks - I won't bother
trying to help you again. This is ME ( an original by me) playing
everything (wife sings) on a $500 digital Tascam recorder after
playing guitar for 1 1/2 . years.

Notice that you can actually hear the music & vocals ... Ed S.