Re: Liar/thief/plagiarist/creep

Lumpy <lumpy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Tony Done wrote:

Like I view everyone else, a package deal. He is what he is, and I
just look at the bottom line, wherein he ranks highly. I think it is
naive to expect anyone to be an angel or a devil.

I simply think it's pretty weird how some feel
he is gawd's gift to music, history, mankind etc.

Is there anyone who posts to alt.guitar.beginner who actually said that?

When I view the "bottom line",
I simply can't find much at all that I like about
the guy, except perhaps, a very tiny handful of his
songs, and then only when done by someone other than him.

Personally, I'd rather talk about musical acts that I like rather than
those I don't.