Re: Newb advice from a newb

Tony Done wrote:
... I think that collecting
sounds is a legitimate hobby in itself, distinct from making music. I
now do it myself to some extent, but I like to think I've also paid
my dues as far as playing music is concerned. Having a lot of choice
in guitars means that I never tire of playing, my interest is always
refreshed by picking up a different guitar and playing a different

But you do PLAY them. These guys I'm talking about
don't play. They open strum a $2-3 thousand dollar
guitar and claim "wow the tone". And I say the tone
is nothing unless you make music with it.

And, of course, the concept of a newbie finding
a guitar is where we started. It's surely much more
practical for a newbie to have a guitar he likes the
looks of and makes him want to play it a lot. I don't
think that the differences in tone between things like
a tube amp or a sand amp or between an Epi and a Gibbie
are much of a factor in all of that.

OTOH, if knowing that you've got a guitar that once
belonged to someone like Maestro Learnwell means you'll
play it and practice more, then that's a perfectly legit
reason to have that guitar.

Of course, that's a pretty extreme example.
Who wouldn't give their right arm to have
one of his guitars.


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