Re: back to it HARD.

ed s wrote:
I quit everything to refocus . Now the Laptop - V-Amp - headphones &
Strat are setup in my bedroom so I can practice ALL the time ( yeah I
hate modelers but they have there place). I still have the full blown
band deal setup in the basement ( but for the time being were down to
1x or on occasion 2x a week, due to life pressures and personel
complications).. but this gives me 90% more practcie time. I am
returning to my hermit ways, like I was when I started playing - focus
focus focus....( and I now have no job! at 57, so I have lots of
time) . we'll see if I can bump up my skills a few levels.. ed s.

What's your "Television Status"?


Can you play country music?
Sure. Which country would you like?