Re: Most desireable connection

Reverend Fuzzy expounded in news:00ef70cb-a23a-4a99-952d-72512de46ce9

Ok, after ditching a few effect pedals at the pawn shop, I'm now down
the Cry-Baby, and the Fuzzface... my question now, is what the most
desired connection is for this....

Should it go:


guitar--->crybaby--->fuzzface--->amp ?

I have heard several people on other groups and forums swearing to
one or thte other being best, but it's all still a tie... which would
definatively, the best?

What is the best cat food to buy? You can't answer that (maybe your cat
can, but..)

You'll need to try it both ways and see which works best for you. Each way
will sound different, so it becomes a personal preference.

The reality is that you'll probably want it both ways, but at different