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PT~ thanks for posting this - speaking of ear training....i know a guy
(blind keyboard player), does a retirement home schtick - show tunes,
beatles, a little classical, a little jazz, and EVEN some rocknroll/
 and is trying to cop what little richard is/was  doing with the left
hand - i surmised that LR was probably playing a routine sort of
a 1-3-5-6, maybe  b7,6 5,3  at the end of the phrase, OR straight
Power Chord 1-5 quarter notes  type thing
the keyboard players is hoping to find some karaoke type thing that
takes out everything but
the keyboard left hand - i told him "i don't think so", but i don't
know everything (yet)...anyone ever heard of that type of software, or
better yet, anyone know what little richard was doing? - i think the
tuneis  "tutti frutti"....anyone younger than 50 probably need not
apply for this one....

the dawg...

Okay, so I just listened to Tutti Frutti, and here is the piano
pattern for the left hand. I put it in C, for convenience. Here is
the home position for the left hand. The little finger is the number
five finger. The number five finger rests on C, the number three
finger is on D sharp, the number two finger is on E, and the number
one finger is on G. It is all eighth notes, with no ties, and no
rests. The pattern is this: five, five, three, two, one, one, three
two. When the chord changes, the same pattern shifts up from C to F,
and then down to G. The hand lays out the same for all three chords.