Re: Holiday Travel...With Guitar?

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Umn, so how does one fly with a guitar?

I was flying a lot from San Francisco to Seattle while my mother was
ungoing cancer treatment there. Usually on either United or Alaska. I
was able to carry on a Telecaster in a soft gig-bag everytime with no

Also this summer, I did San Francisco to Boston a couple times on
United. Once with the gig-back carry-on and no problem. The second
time I took another guitar in a hard case and checked it through. The
case got a little dinged up in transit. Also, the airline left it out
in the open, unsupervised in the oversized pickup area.

I could have probably carried on the hard-shell too. I sat next to a
college kid on that plane who walked on with an acoustic in a hard-case.

Loosen your strings before you bring it on the plane and tune it back up
when you get to your destination.