Re: What -I- expect from a guitar teacher ...

Charmed Snark wrote:
A lot of high school kids (for example) don't know
what they want to do in life (for a career). Some
are very clear about this, while others don't have
a clue. Even the ones that think they know what it
is, may end up making a switch at some point (I
was one of these).

I think the best advice for these people is to simply
"keep options open".

I think guitarists often fall into this same category.

For me, my carreer fell into that same category.
I never knew from one hour to the next what I'd
be playing or singing. There was no rehearsal,
no practice. We simply showed up and used whatever
skills we had to make the project work. Polkas at
2, TV shows at 5, wedding at 8, Jazz at 11. No telling what
we'd be doing next.

My teaching is all about that concept. It's not the
only way to teach. But for those that want to be
versatile in a real-world practical sense, I try
and offer them what little I might know about that.

There's no lesson plan for that. No textbook, no
mid-terms no grades. It's up to the student to
decide what he wants to work toward. I'll try
and help him get there. If he wanted to work toward
the RCA grading juries, I'd recommend that I'm not
the right teacher for that.


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