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I don't use any effects except a tube screamer and chorus on acoustic.
And not very often.
I'm thinking of starting to use some effects and I was considering one
of those multi effect boxes.
I don't like most of them though.
What do you like?


In terms of pedals, I currently have:

- Boss SD-1
- Boss graphic EQ (old one, don't recall model)
- Morley Wah (also does Volume pedal)

I'd like to a compressor add to that, without breaking
the bank.

Since I don't gig, I don't really need much more than
that, since everything else I do is done in software
(even the Marshall amp).

There are a ton of nice free VST effects. Some of them
(I assume) are even better if you pay for the
pro versions. I don't have the software with me, but
from memory my most often used software effects include:

- Lexicon->Pantheon stereo reverb (room simulator)
- mda_stereo for further enhancement of stereo from
mono tracks
- Sonitus->EQ
- Sonitus->Compressor
- Guitar Suite JCM900 simulator
- Limiter (I can't recall the name)
- Various exciters (can't recall the names)

Since my setup does a good job of realtime effects,
I can apply any of the above in realtime and just
jam if I feel like it. Sometimes those sessions
wind up as recording projects.

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