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My 8-year old nephew is interested in learning guitar. My sister is willing to spend up to $200 on an instrument. I volunteered to help find something suitable. He says he likes "country music", so I figure a steel-string acoustic would give him some of the sounds he likes.

I know there are tons of decent electrics available for not much money. But how about acoustics? I'd like to get him one that's as good-
sounding and easy-to-play as possible for a starter instrument. It should also be somewhat smaller than a dreadnought (parlor or OM sized?)

Can anyone recommend any brand names or online sources for such an animal? Any other thoughts?

I'm pretty sure you could get a Squier Stratacaster for $200.00.

Don't start the kid on an electric. It'll make him a crappy guitar player.

An electric greatly increases an 8 year olds' "pose factor"

Electric or acoustic doesn't matter as much as who the kid sees as a role model, (for guitar). If his uncle plays acoustic and that is what the kid looks up to then that is what the kid will want. If he wants to be Stevie Ray Vaughan then a $2000.00 acoustic ain't gonna be good enough. Remember he won't be a good guitar player if he gets an acoustic and never plays it. It has to be something he will play... on his own.

My son had a Toys R Us acoustic when he was 4 that he beat the hell out of. I had to glue the neck back on that thing 3 times. He didn't know how to play it but he strummed it all the time, (I had open tuned it on the recommendation of a guitar playing friend).

By the time he was 7 he was still messing around with that guitar, so my wife got him a mini-strat and some lessons. He loved the mini-strat but hated the lessons, because they wanted him to play "Skip to My Lou" and he wanted to play "Killing Floor". We switched to an instructor who started him out on The Ventures' music and blues shuffles and 3 years later he has 9 guitars, (acoustic, electric and acoustic/electric) and plays at jams and open mics.

Bottom line, ask your nephew who he wants to play guitar like and go in that direction. My son loved Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix when he first started. He still likes them but now he's taken an interest in jazz, (Kenny Burrell, Jimmy Smith, and Stan Getz). They won't learn if they won't play.


p.s. You can see some videos of my son playing at There is one when he was 8 years old:


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