Re: Learning the notes on the Fret board

Paul P wrote:
I think there's a difference between playing theory, like a lot
of jazz musicians do, and playing music. I'm pretty sure Derek
that you're very capable of both. Which do you prefer, playing
something that requires you constantly monitor what key, scale,
or mode you're in, what the usual possibilities are for movement
from where you're currently at, how you're going to eventually
get back to the home key, etc, etc, or playing from your heart
whatever feelings you've got inside that would like to flow out ?

Not speaking for Derek, obviously...

I don't "play theory". I play music. Theory, if I
or you or anyone else wants to apply it, can be
used to describe what I played.

Our natural desire to hear the G7 chord resolve to C
is not a result of people applying the names "G7"
and "C" or any other music theory terms.

In other words, "Mr totally non-theory" and
"Mr theory head" are most likely going to come
up with solos that sound pretty similar. Same
number of note possibilities. Same number of
rhythmic subdivisions. Same number of harmonic
possibilities. Only difference is that "Mr theory head"
uses one set of terms to describe it. The other guy
uses some other set of terms to describe his.

The "Mr theory head" approach has the obvious benefit
of being portable. He can tell me and I can tell Derek
and Derek can tell Buffy and Sissy and all the little
people and we all know what we mean. We are speaking
the same language when we say "G7 to C". The other
guy wouldn't know what we're talking about, nor would
we know what he is talking about. Language barrier.


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