Re: Building your Repertoire?

HotMa...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I would have interpreted this whole thing as a cry for help.
Obviously, he's unhappy with the routine of practicing that much and
having that little to show for it.  I'm on the same mailing list (hey,
it was free) and recall her talking about the phenomenon of people who
have had lessons/practiced/whatever for years and only do fragments of
songs, etc.  Others here have said it - the methods are poor
(fragments of songs or just lousy simple arrangements).  I mean, I
"learned" dozens of songs over a few months, but do I really want to
play some crap version of "Worried Man Blues" from Hal Leonard at an
open mic?  (In other words, would that "count"?)  I did have one great
teacher who would work through great, interesting songs at the rate of
maybe one a month or two (on top of the Hal Leonard).  For a newbie,
there's a lot of technique in "Johnny B. Goode" (if you work through
all the string bending, etc).

Someone else mentioned learning songs from recordings - that's another
set of skills and they don't come naturally or easily for many (most?)
- I don't do that well either and it feels aimless and like a waste of
time.  I actually like to buy songbooks and work through those.

The "practice 45 minutes a day" thing sounds like the typical message
from a lot of teachers and books - work through chords and scales,
endlessly, with no goal and some day you'll be a great player.

I think the answer to someone like the guy who wrote the original
message was change things - get a new teacher, get a new book, etc. -
but focus on learning songs and screw the endless woodshedding.


Well said.