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David L. Martel wrote:

Let's review some basic terminology. A g chord is the g minor
chord. A G chord is a G major chord. A g5 chord would be a g minor
chord with an added fifth. That's G, Bb, D. D is the fifth. This
makes it a bit confusing since the fifth is already a part of the g
minor chord so the g5 chord is also the g chord.
To play a g minor chord using a barre at the 3rd fret put your 4th
finger on the 5th fret of the 4th string, put your 3rd finger on the
5th fret of the 5 th string, and barre using your 1st finger at the
3rd fret.. It's possible that the g5 means that the arranger wants
you to use a g chord and play the 5 as the bass note, I guess, I'd
expect this to written as g/D, though.

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