Re: Roxanne and EbMaj7 chord

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On 27 Mar 2008, "Lothar" <no@xxxxxx> wrote in alt.guitar.beginner:

I'm currently trying to learn Roxanne (Police). A cool song, but
there is one part in particular that I am having extreme
difficulty with: It's the chord change on the 3rd measure from
the open string Dm to the EbMaj7 (5th string root, 6th fret). Try
as I might, I just can't seem to get my fingers in position fast
enough to nail that major 7th. I've been trying this every day
for a week but still it isn't close to being correct.

It's quite do-able the way you're trying, it just needs more practice
from you.

In the meantime, or instead, consider playing the Dm some other way
that leads into the Emaj7 more comfortably.

- finger it xx3231 (the bass note there is an F, anyway). Then you can
just slide the same fingering up to the 6th fret, hit the Eb bass note
on the fifth string and Bob's your uncle.

- play the Ebmaj7 like this: xx1333 . Physically close to the open-
position Dm.

- play the Dm at the 5th fret, not in open position.

You have many possibilities. Don't be a slave to a chord chart.

My philosophy is: If it's too hard, you're doing it wrong. Find the
easiest way of accomplishing the goal.