Re: who killed the electric car??

Geez, who gives a damn about the electric car. If that was the only thing they (GM) killed.

The worst thing they did was kill off the beautiful, massive system of electric interurbans.
Interurbans are large electric streetcars that went cross-country.

I wrote a book that tells about it and the early electric cars (read at Google books).

Here is a map of the interurban system in northern Ohio.

Larry wrote:

Of course it's about the money...

We still use oil because all the oil industry fat-cats say we will use oil.

We still stick ourselves in the finger to test blood sugar levels because of the billions a year diabetes lancets and test strips take in. There is no technical reason whatsoever why there can't be a $30 through-the-skin non-invasive meter other than the greed of the suppliers of these testing consumables that will never let such a device appear.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of examples where "Good for the Human" is out-weighted by "Greed".

While I'm at it, what the farck is up with Razor Blades. $19 for a 4 pack? There's _maybe_ fifty cents worth of materials in there.

And they don't even give away the razor any more!


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Since this topic got so much attention from some of you and I "waddled" into the conversation but didn't answer some of your pertinent question/opinions. I decided to post a link that basically covers all the important topics on the subject. (go to the q&a section)

I think you'll soon realize why I hesitated to try to answer your questions. There are lots of questions that deserve good answers and I wasn't prepared to do the subject justice.
All of you are more than welcome to form your own opinions. I personally think it's all about the $$$. As long as there is oil to pump out of the ground we will be driving our gas/diesel cars and trucks.
I'm sure some of you have stock in the oil companies and have a vested interest in keeping the status quo. I understand that I just don't agree with it.