Re: Old Arrowhead

Hud <hud_ohio@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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After finding an arrowhead and learning about the forced removal of
the Wyandot Nation, I wrote this song. Two nights ago I played it
for my wife. She thought the strumming pattern was too busy. She
also didn't like the percussive sound of my pick hitting the
strings. I went ahead and recorded it today. I kept the mike away
from my strumming hand so the percussion wouldn't make it in the
song too much but I kept the strumming pattern pretty much the same.
Then I added a short lead intro track in the beginning and I
improvised an lead track over the song near the end. One of my
frustrations was not being able to come up with another strumming
pattern that didn't sound boring to me. That's why I left it the

Here's the song:

After listening to it some more...I've decided to overhaul this song.
It's just not working for me. I wish I wouldn't have posted it.
But, oh well. Here are my self criticisms. The intro is too short
and weak. The vocals don't fit very well within the strumming
pattern. There's too much static on the lead track at the end. I'm
going to beef up the intro, re-do the lead track at the end and maybe
add a drum track. I'm going to use a metronome to help me rework the
lyrics so I can sing them with better timing. Back to work for me.

Here's what I'd do, for what it's worth:
- Slow down the tempo quite a bit
- Play just an acoustic guitar along with it. Use a simple alternating
strumming pattern. If you want to keep the lyrics the same, let them
dictate the rhythm of the song.