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Agreed. Playing songs is why any of us pick up the instrument.

I do see value in practicing scales and riffs/licks, but playing them
over tunes is where it is at.

Don't develop the habit of just running up and down scales.

As soon as you can play a scale without making mistakes, start making
music with it.

I would spend at least half my time practicing tunes, then the rest on
improvisation if that is what you are wanting from scales.

What songs would you recommend for a beginner like myself. I can play
many of the short songs in these music books with little or no
problem. I am also learning music theory so I can read music instead
of just tabs.

Like Tim C said, you should play songs you like. Here are a few I like
that I found very easy to learn and strum along to:

- Green River (Fogerty)
- Wish You Were Here (Floyd)
- Tequila Sunrise (Eagles)
- Knockin On Heavens Door (Dylan)
- Horse With No Name (America)
- For What Its Worth (Buffalo Springfield)

Even though they are easy to learn the chords for, I found this to be a
great mix for developing feel, timing and strumming ...

That is one of the worst collections of songs I've ever seen. Wait add
"Takin' Care of Business" excellent!

just joking :)