Re: Question: I want to record my guitar lessons. What to use?

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vocals. Soundcard: M-Audio Delta 44 (4 inputs, 4 outputs). I use the
4 outputs for left/right headphones and left/right monitors, but
rarely use more than 2 inputs at a time.

Nice! I have the M-Audio Audiophile 2496, which only has 2 inputs (L+R),
which is enough most of the time (I love its 24-bit samples). But there
have been times when I wanted more mics on the acoustic (1 pickup, + 2
would be nice).

But I need another mic stand before I can even consider that. Eventually!


Yeah, I had considered the 2496 for a while, but in a rare moment of clarity
I pictured myself constantly plugging and unplugging the earphones and
monitors. I'm basically lazy :-)
Besides, someone that frequents the bass and home studio newsgroups offered
to sell me his Delta 44 for a decent price (he moved up to the Delta 1010).