Re: Second position???

"Miner" <none@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm learning Hal Leonard books 1-3. The first book went ok and I have
learned to sight-read (s-l-o-w-l-y) in the first position.

However, when reading book two regarding second position, in the song
Marianne, the note is on the open G spot, but it says to put your
pinky down. The first book teaches that the place for this particular
G note, is an open 3rd string .

This also occurs in the "blues/rock riff but instead it's the open "B"
note and to place 3rd finger down...

So am I missing something here or is this a misprint...

It is also string 4 fret 5, string 5 fret 10 and string 6 fret 15. strings 1
to 2 up 5 frets, 2 to 3 up 4 frets, 3 to 4 up 5 frets , 4 to 5 up 5 frets
and 5 to 6 up 5 frets is the same note on the staff. so you can play that G
in 4 places.