Re: Question: I want to record my guitar lessons. What to use?

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I want to record my weekly guitar lesson for playback later at home
when practicing. I bought a small cassette recorder but the playback
usually sounds out of whack (sounds too slow or too fast etc..).
What's the better alternative? Are these small digital recorders
that you see at office supplies stores good for this purpose?

Just recognize that those small digital recorders are usually called
"voice recorders". IOW, they record "voice". This makes it possible
So in short, the cheap ones won't cut it. There are increasingly
better ones being sold, but check them out. You'll probably have to
spend a fair amount to get something decent. But only you know what
you are prepared to live with in terms of quality.

What about a regular sized cassette player? When I was a kid we
recorded and played back all sorts of stuff with them. And before CDs
we listened to cassettes. The mini cassettes are more for taping
boring collage classes.

The OP was stating that he didn't like the way the pitch changes as it
often does when playing back a cassette. If you use one of those
professional (Marantz) decks for example, they include a pitch correction
knob to adjust +/- 10%.

Now that everyone is moving to digital recording, you might try to get a
Fostex tape deck. It will have a pitch adjustment on it. I think mine
does +/- 30%.

Or just layout more $ and make an investment for a digital multi-track
recorder. The thing I don't like about the affordable current units, is
they are still stuck at 16-bit samples. I'd be more interested in a
machine that does 24-bit samples. That way you don't have to worry too
much if the volume is low because you still have plenty of resolution for


My Fostex MR8-HD recorder, which I no longer use because I have Sonar
Producer on my computer,

So what gear do you use to record on your computer Rich?
example: microphone, soundcard, mic preamps, etc,...?