Re: Electric guitar & headphones question

mapdude wrote:
Being in my mid 50's....I find that the snott nosed kids that
work in the local mom and pop stores tend to be somewhat
snobbish. They are too ignorant to realize that the old guy
coming in the door might have a grand or two of cash in his pocket to
spend on gear, and
they are more
interested in helping the long haired 20 year old who just wants
to shred on a PRS for a couple of hours while his mom buys
groceries next door.

So by you using them for your free demo place,
and not spending any money, you reinforce their
belief that it makes more sense for them to
help that 20 y/o than the old guy.

Why not spend the xtra couple dollars on the widget
and pay them for the huge overhead they have in having
a brick and mortar store. Or if you're dying to save
that couple bucks, make them an offer for the same
price you see on eBay.

If you buy it at MegaBanjo and it doesn't work or
you just plain dont like it, you can VERY simply
take it back. Harder to do that with web purchases.

u always miss the point.

Jim, are you and mapdude the same person?
Have you got some bone to pick with me?
What is this "point" exactly that you keep jumping
in and eclipsing mapdude with when I state my opinion?
Would it be too much to ask for you to actually make
that point instead of saying things like "STFU twit"
or "u always miss the point"?

Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke