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I've made my point, but you refuse to discuss it, and keep harping
about a different one.

You seem to be trying to turn my point into something I never said. My
point is most free internet tabs are wrong. They do not accurately
represent the song they claim to. Look for yourself.

I'm not disagreeing with you on the "lack of quality" aspect (I have seen
it many times).

If you made a point, I missed it. The best I can gather from your
beating around the issue is that they ARE right. I disagree.

No I am not saying they are "right". I do agree that they mostly lack
"quality". On this we AGREE (though we might differ on the percentage).

My single objection was merely the use of terms like "always", "never",
"right" or "wrong". Often these terms are too simple for the complex
world we live in (unless you are discussing logic such as 1s and 0s in a

My point was simply that there is no perfectly "right" transcription (the
word "perfectly" added for emphasis).

Any transcription, by its very nature, of transcribing a performance from
live onto paper, loses something in the translaction. You quickly realize
this when putting that transcription into MIDI form (for example), where
a computer can execute it "perfectly" -- yet, it does not sound like the
original performance, even with good instrument emulation. It is missing
that human element that wasn't captured on paper.

If you say "duh, yes of course there is no perfectly 'right'
transcription", then realize that what is considered "right" was never
defined in this thread and was _assumed_.

I think you'll find a variety of opinions of how correct it has to be
before a transcription is considered "right" or "wrong".

So IMO, it is best therefore to use the terms "right"/"wrong" carefully,
unless what "right" is has been been agreed upon.


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