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Not at all sure if we're answering the question but he's some
stuff I find interesting :

Take the C major scale :

C D E F G A B C (D E F G A B C)

Group things by thirds (every other note).

Three notes, making triads :

Notes Chord

D F A Dm
E G B Em
A C E Am
B D F (Bdim)

Four notes (still by thirds, ie, every other note) :

Notes Chord

C E G B Cmaj7
D F A C Dm7
E G B D Em7
F A C E Fmaj7
G B D F G7
A C E G Am7
B D F A ?

Can you call the G7 above a Gmaj7? I'm no expert but it seems
consistent if I'm correct.

No. The G7 is a chord in the key of C major, hence it contains
notes in the key of C. The seventh is the F (actually a
flattened seventh based on the root scale of G).

The Gmaj7 is a chord in the key of G and has the F# instead of

As the 1 and 4 chords of the major scale are Maj7 chords, GMaj7
can be the 1 chord in G major, and the 4 chord in D Major.

It may not seem consistent but in fact the G7 (dominant
seventh), although it seems to be an odd man out, is in fact
one of the most important chords in the key of C.

The B-D-F-A chord, by the way, is a B half diminished, or
Bm7b5, also unique in that B is the only note in the key of C
that generates a diminished chord when you take every second
note of the scale.

Only as a triad. Not a 7th chord.


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