Re: I need help to find a good guitar for a re-beginner

A couple years ago I bought an Ibanez Destroyer for about $200 USD. It's a little heavy, but I do like the sound (Musically I like heavier stuff like The Scorpions, Megadeth, DIO, etc.) I'm 45 and just re-picked up guitar when I bought it a couple years ago, so we're sort of in the same boat ;)


vk7xgw wrote:

Hi all

I have one of those we questions we all probably dread, I want to
purchase a new guitar......

I am 42 years old and have played previously, just not in the last 15
years or so
The budget has a limit to maintain domestic bliss, so some trade off
may well be needed in play ability
I don't have a particular style of playing and will be playing for
self entertainment only
I have no brand preference, (electric or acoustic); but do reside in
Tasmania, Australia so my local retail traders are few and far between
and tend to only stock the more major brands and a smattering of Asian
imports ( I would like to strum before I buy)

I look forward to a bunch of interesting replies and questions


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