Re: beginner student players ??

" Don Lewis" <*NOSPAM*don_lewis@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I found this newsgroup on my ISP. I
have lurked for a while and it seems
there are no students posting here...
Am I wrong?? Looks like everyone is
an instructor or pro. player..... D.L.

dirtweed@xxxxxxxxxxx (Dirtweed) wrote:

I'm a student sort of. I'm trying to learn
by myself.

I too am a relatively new player teaching myself--slowly!

Methinks many of the regular posters, though knowledgeable, scare the
newbies away with their flaming threads.

Sometimes it feels like I stepped into somone elses family squabble, and
that can be rather uncomfortable & intimidating to an outsider.

Nevertheless, most of the time they do answer newbie questions very