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[quoting the D'Addario/Planet Waves Ad Copy]
Planet Waves, in collaboration with Humidipak, brings you
the first two-way humidity control that maintains a constant 45%
relative humidity level...

...Unlike all refillable humidifiers, the Humidipak provides
true "two-way" purified humidity control since it adds or
depletes moisture only as needed to maintain 45% RH - the
ideal climate for wooden instruments.

I disagree with PW's sales pitch, and I'm a PW dealer.
Their humidifier is like any other passive humidifier
except instead of using simple water to charge the
sponge, they sell you a pre-packaged sponge which
is pre-charged with water and propylene glycol.

Any passive humidifier with a sponge, like the Dampit
or Martin (but NOT the PW), will act in "both directions".
It will release moisture if the ambient humidity is less
and it will absorb moisture if the ambient humidity is higher
than the sponge.

The PW Humidipack requires that you remove the
humidifier packets and replace them with a
"de-humidifier" packet, which contains
a dry dessicant, like silica gel.

Planet Waves requires you replace the humidity
packets at least every 3 months or more. It requires
three packets at a retail cost of $10 each ($30 every

I personally use the CF Martin humidifier which is
similar to a Dampit, but I like Martin's design better.
Costs about twelve bucks, lasts virtually forever. I have some
dampits still in use for over 30 yrs. Cost to refill/recharge
is zero, or whatever the cost of holding it under the tap
for a few seconds is.

I'm not interested in paying 40 dollars for a humidifier
and then another 90 dollars annually to wet the thing.

My take on humidifiers is here:

You were the Ken-L-Ration St Bernard?
Yes. My dog's bigger.

I really do not know how welll the Humidipack works yet. I can compare the
sponge thing. Since I do have more than one guitar and I do have a system
for monitoring humidity which has an external display I bought the Radio
Shack Wireless Weather Forecaster for monitoring the humidty in my guitar


So why did you sign your name under the Humidipak article you posted as if
you were vouching for or recommending the product after having tested it