Re: Behringer?

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What Behringer stuff do you have?

I have a V-Tone GM108 15 watt SS practice amp.
Great little modeling amp for guitar.
I used it with my bass when practicing with MP3's.
Does the job with no distortion.
Been using it regularly for over 3 years.
No problems.

I have a Virtualizer Pro that I use mostly for vocals through the PA.
Had this for 6 years.
Indestructible with great DSP sounds.

8 channel Euro-something mixer.
Had this for 6 years too.
Never failed me and it has phantom power.
I forgot the wall wart one time and it also works on batteries.
Nice unit.

Last year I bought a BX4500H 450 watt bass amp head for practicing
with bands.
I like the sound so much that it is now my gigging bass amp.
Puts my silver SWR 350 to shame.

I have never had any problems with Behringer products.

Just saw Tom Behringer in platoon....again.
The only Behringer product I have seen that died.


I have the Tremolo pedal. It's great for home but I wouldn't it trust
it for live.

Why not?