Re: First Gig - reporting back

On May 11, 3:27 am, Stefan <sbe...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As promised the report of th big event. Overall it went very well. The
place was packed and the crowd was very lively and we even got a sing
along going in the last chorus, where we all backed of and let the
audience sing. At the end there was a lot aplause.
The only problem was that you could hardly hear my guitar. For some
reason the settings from the soundcheck didn't work with the room full
of people or I just got set it up wrong, but the other guitar and the
bass were much louder. I was supposed to do an improvised solo towards
the end, but it was drowned in the noise. Nevertheless, we kept it all
together and rocked.

I have it recorded on video and might post a clip next week (going on
weekend trip straight after work today). Thanks again for the all the
good advice. Next gig on July 25, rehearsals starting this week.

Very good.
I'm proud of you.
There are always problems on the first gig.
You'll work them out.
Audience participation is a good move.
Keep up the good work.