Re: Issues With Rhythm

On 2 May, 21:11, Paul <a...@xxxxx> wrote:

Hello all,

I've went away, I bought a book on music theory and am beginning to
understand concepts like 4/4 etc.

My question carries on from the YouTube video that Paul posted. I'm
trying to figure out how he strums the song.. For example:

He hits the bottom E open and then puts his fingers down to form a G
and hits the E again before playing the G (i think) to begin the song.
It creates a wonderful chug-a-chug sound. He also does that on
occasions throughout the song.

It's the strumming pattern that I can't get. The (i think) 4/4 of the

"Baby Let Me Follow You Down,
Baby Let Me Follow You Down,"

That's all I've been able to work out and it's driving me crazy. When
I play it, it just sounds considerable inferior and I'm not pleased
about it.

Sure this kid is clearly a decent guitarist who has had lessons
(unlike me) but its sometihng to aspire too