Re: Collaboration - Hud & Angof

"Sean" <sean@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hud wrote:
"Just Looking For The Sun" is a song Angof and I worked on. We've been
communicating outside of the group via e-mail. The intro was worked out
on his Yamaha keyboard and he also made some lyric changes that helped
the song. I worked the song out with my guitar and drum machine. The
tracks were recorded with Audacity. You can hear the song here:

(Click on "Just Looking For The Sun" by the "new" sign.)

Angof is also working on his own version of the song. This
alt.guitar.beginner collaboration was a lot of fun.

My thanks to Angof!

Ok, no more of this "I can't sing" nonsense. You were singing in that
With some better production values this could be a good rocker. Such as: -
a real rock drummer
- well recorded drums, with a solid kick and snappy snare
- Failing that, put together a good solid drum track with realistic
- a bass line. The tune definitely needs more bottom end.
- I wouldn't change the main vocal except to record it better. What mic
are you using? What gear are you using to get your voice into the
recording software? I thought you conveyed emotion well. The vocal is
worth getting out in front.
- Vocal harmony on the hook. Three part harmony on "the suuuuuuuun" would
be great, I think.
- Less cheese on the lead guitar, more funk.

While it's repetitive, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Lately I've
been woodshedding Beast of Burden because we want our drummer to sing it.
It's repetitive as all hell when it comes to the form, but there are
dynamics in there and ways to play with the rhythm that keep it
interesting all the way through. I think your tune could be like that with
more work.



Yeah, the drum machine I have is limited. The best thing about it is that
it's something I can use to stay in time with when I play guitar. It's
actually a Fender G-Dec amp with a built in drum machine. One reason the
song sounds so repetitive is because there is no chorus.